Keep Us Informed

The only way we can keep you informed about your child’s transportation is if we can contact you.  The more phone numbers, contact names, addresses and other information we can get from you, the sooner we can contact you if the need arises.  Contact us at 320-693-3292.

In addition to your contact information, we also need to know if there are confidential items that we need to know about your child in order to give him or her a safe and pleasant ride to school.  Hicks Bus is an extension of the school district, and as such you can be assured that any information we receive is kept strictly confidential in our office, and only employees with a need-to-know are given access to these files.

Needs or Information Changes

For any notices of your child not riding, changes of addresses, changes/additions of phone numbers or contacts, or any other information to be provided to Hicks Bus Line, please promptly call us and speak with Linnea or Roxanne.  Please note that we will not accept any information by email or text message.